Whatever! is a surplus food initiative that we have been developing with the catering department.

When the Learning Exchange Café closed we realised that there was a gap in the service for our students and that the poorest of our students especially were missing out; so we have worked with catering staff and Lidl (donations of bakery items and fruit and veg) through Neighbourly, to develop a project that has not only given our catering students experiences that they may not have had in running a business but also benefitted the wider College community, bringing people together by serving delicious and affordable food for low costs.



We have held a number of pop up café events in different centres offering a variety of dishes made out of ingredients that are either locally sourced or would have otherwise have ended up in landfill. The money that we raise from these events is put straight back into the project and we are currently saving up to buy a subscription to the Fair Share warehouse to get more reasonably priced ingredients and therefore have more events.