Name: Majid Shemsedin
Birth Place: Eritrea
Pronouns: He/Him
Random fact about yourself: I attend a weekly theatre for social change group called Collective Encounters Youth Theatre
Favourite Emoji: 
Best quote you've heard: 
"Every person be human"
Subject studied in College: ESOL English, ESOL Maths and Health & Social Care
Hobbies and interests: Football, table tennis, running, bike riding and other sports activities. I also like to act in my spare time.

Priorities for this year
I want to express the students' voices at the LEX in a way that can make change. If a students something like a computer to help them work, I will fight hard to support the student in making college the best place to learn for them. I also want to be an example of what our college in about. I want to work together with other students and go forward to work with other students' unions.

Why did you run for your role?
To make sure that students have the best they want. I think I can deliver the role well because I have a lot of experience and I also have worked with our Students' Union since 2017. Whilst working with the SU i have gained a lot of skills like communication, confidence and listening.